There are many types of letter a business requires at various times. We write for you can be the resource you require to help with your business. We can write a letter for your audience, meeting your brief whilst being able to save you time by allowing you to get on with the things that you and your company do best.

Meeting Services

We write for you offers a range of meeting services to cater for your every need. Your business can access the service as and when required. This ensures a reliable, professional, efficient, highly skilled and cost-effective tool for your business. You can continue with your core business knowing that your meeting is being taken care of efficiently. We can organise a venue and refreshments, liase with your members in collecting agenda items, compile agendas, prepare and circulate all documents and take an accurate set of minutes, allowing unlimited revisions and also produce an action planning document, to ensure actions are assigned to members and carried out within the agreed timescale. We will ensure that the venue is fit for purpose and provides the right environment for your meeting. There will be sufficient chairs, refreshments and papers for all members; attention to such detail contributes to the success of a meeting. Your agenda will have purpose, the order will flow and time can be allocated in proportion to the importance of items. We will liase with the Chair prior to circulation to ensure complete satisfaction. Minute taking requires particular skills and expertise. Minutes form a formal record of the meeting and there is no second chance to capture the vital information. We can follow your 'in-house' style or create one for you which provides consistency across all meeting records. Put your meeting in the hands of our team, as and when you require and you will be assured of a positive experience and outcome.

Quality Management System

Whether you are a new company that requires assistance and support in writing a Quality Management System (QMS) to suit your business model, or are an existing business that wants to change existing culture or practice, We write for you can offer an independent view and the skills and expertise required to design and inplement a QMS, that will shape your company in moving forward. A QMS enables an organisation to achieve the goals and objectives set out in its policy and strategy. It consists of co-ordinated activities to direct and control an organisation in order to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its performance. The main thrust of a QMS is in defining the processes, which will result in the production of quality products and services, rather than in detecting defective products or services after they have been produced. A fully documented QMS will ensure that the customers'/consumers' and  organisation’s requirements are being met with sufficient scope to ensure enhancement as the company develops. The criteria or requirements of any professional, certificating or accrediting body need to be encompassed within your processes, to ensure compliance and success during any external audit. We write for you can help you prepare for that audit and/or develop or enhance a QMS which will make for a better and organised company moving forward. 

Business Plans

You have that great idea for a business but do not have the time or experience necessary to create the perfect Business Plan to put before potential investors, bank manager or agency. Let us write it for you. The Business Plan will incorporate marketing and financial planning, market research including competitor analysis, forecast and trends using the latest Mintel, Emerald and Passport GMID reports. Our service includes a face to face consultation and unlimited revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction.


We offer a cost effective alternative to hiring a full time tender/bid writer, as you can utilise our experienced writing services as much or a little as you need. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your tender has the competitive edge that will make you stand out from your competitors. We do not simply write tenders, we produce compelling narrative that highlights your company’s competence and ability to fulfil the contract you are bidding for, which ultimately contributes to securing success. We will  provide you with an honest appraisal as to whether we think your company has a realistic chance of winning, to ensure that your money is not wasted. Whether you are a company new to bidding for public or private sector work and are struggling to complete your first tender/bid, or a more established firm requiring full bid support throughout the year, we have the ability to meet your individual needs and make sure you win work. You can continue to focus on your core business while we write your tender/bid for you.


You have an important speech or presentation to perform and lots of notes written, a format drafted that doesn't flow, possess any flair or communicate your message. Alternatively, you may not have any words, maybe a clear objective or title and a blank piece of paper. We write for you can offer clarity of thought, organisation of notes, an innate understanding of your objectives and an ability to write crisp, punchy and well-organised text that adds value to your thoughts and achieves your overall aims.


WebSite Content

Your website is likely to be the most important asset to your business. It acts as a brochure and shop and is now a necessary tool to showcase any business. Consumers are increasingly choosing to source information about products and services via the internet. It is vital therefore, that you have a website that reflects what your business offers accurately, whilst using words that match the concept or design. We write for you can write those words for you, helping your website to reach its full potential and stand out against your competitors. We will use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) words as frequently as possible, to help boost your site's position.


Report writing is an acquired business skill. The importance of getting a report right is paramount. A report is a presentation of facts and findings, used as a basis to draw conclusions and form recommendations. It is written for a specific readership and intended to be kept as a record. When some people write a report, that is all they do - write - but our experienced report writers at We write for you, spend only part of their time doing this and then only towards the end of the process. Before that, they are planning the report, thinking about its purpose, and who is going to read it and deciding what to include. Our team can work with you to establish an 'in-house style' for example, to use as a basis for moving forward as a company. We write for you will work with you to ensure that your report has its purpose well designed and matched to the reader. They will select the material, simplify and synthesise it, ensure that essential facts are recorded and used to justify conclusions which will naturally progress and produce the recommendations. 



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