When your loved one passes away, this is the most distressing time in your life. You want to pay tribute to them during a service that celebrates their life and legacy. It’s the final gift you can give them and all of the people attending the service who cared about them. You want it to be perfect and have lots of thoughts jumbled up in your mind or written down on bits of paper. Where do you begin, especially at this emotional time and with only days to produce a fitting tribute? We write for you can organise those thoughts, speak/meet with you to gain further insight and put together a Eulogy that is everything that you want it to be and often much more.


When you are asked to give a speech either for a social or business reason, it can be a daunting experience. You want to give that perfect best man/best woman’s speech at your friend’s wedding, for example, but do not know where to begin. Often you have the same old clichéd jokes jotted down and will search the internet for tips and advice. You can become overwhelmed by the amount of varied information you have and still do not have a perfect and well written end result that you desire. At an affordable price, We write for you can talk to you about your relationship and experiences with your friend and work with you to write a bespoke speech, in the style and tone that best captures both your personalities and meets the expectations of your audience. Take the stress away and give a gift of the perfect speech. 


What better gift to give your children than the story of their Nana or Grandad’s life? We will undertake life history interviews and shape these into autobiographical narratives, that can be kept safely in your family archive of photographs and memorabilia and comprise lasting memoirs of lives well lived. 


Experiencing poor service, disrespect or injustice can be paralysing. Thinking about making a complaint can be worrying and distressing. You really want to do the right thing but perhaps don’t know where to start or have the time to dedicate to it. Often, the people you are complaining to have complex procedures and considerable red tape, which can put you off from seeing the complaint through to completion (which is often the intention of the Company or Organisation). Our team at We write for you can help. Legal fees to help you with such matters can be expensive but we offer an affordable service with no compromise on quality and commitment. We are skilled and experienced at writing complaints and our aim is to see it through until you have that positive outcome that you so desire. 

Business Plans

You have that great idea for a business but do not have the time or experience necessary to create the perfect Business Plan to put before potential investors, bank manager or agency. Let us write it for you. The Business Plan will incorporate marketing and financial planning, market research including competitor analysis, forecast and trends using the latest Mintel, Emerald and Passport GMID reports. Our service includes a face to face consultation and unlimited revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Your CV is usually the first and sometimes the only. opportunity that a potential employer will have to find out about you and the knowledge, skills and attributes you have to offer. It is the first impression that you make and is your one chance to really sell yourself. We write for you can produce a Curriculum Vitae that you can be proud of and use to move your career in a positive direction.


We can write that perfect letter for you. Through the power of words, we can establish your goal and communicate your thoughts and ideas. We give the letter power and direction, the benefit of independence, the correct tone, the perfect grammar and punctuation. We ensure that your message is communicated and serves as a record for you and the recipient and helps you to achieve your desired outcome. Whatever your purpose, We write for you.

Form Filling

Having to complete forms can often be daunting and can create stressful situations. We write for you can support you in completing that form to a high standard, at an affordable cost.


Please contact us if there is a writing service that you would like our help with but which is not listed.

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